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Veterinary Post-Mortem Set

A veterinary post-mortem set typically includes a range of tools and equipment used to perform post-mortem examinations on animals. Some of the everyday items that may be included in a veterinary post-mortem set are:

Scalpel handles and blades: Used to make incisions and cut through tissue during the examination.

Scissors are used to cut through tissue and remove organs from the body.

Forceps: Used to grasp and hold tissue or organs during the examination.

Dissecting probes: Used to explore and separate tissue layers, and to identify and locate anatomical structures.

Bone saws: Used to cut through bone during the examination.

Specimens jars: Used to store tissue samples for further analysis.

Autopsy knives: Used for cutting through skin and muscle.

Dissecting boards: Used to support the animal during the examination.

Safety glasses and gloves: Used to protect the examiner from exposure to potentially infectious material.

The specific items included in a veterinary post-mortem set may vary depending on the needs of the examiner and the type of animal being examined.

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